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Good wedding gift for Indian couple in 2022

Updated: May 25, 2022

Before getting a good wedding gift for an Indian couple in 2022, Take a moment to recall your earliest memory. How young are you? Are there people around you? What’s the best gift you have gotten? What’s the best gift you have given?

Here we are presenting the best unique gift for a wedding. This heart-touching gift is one of a kind which would make everyone go aww! 🥺

Good wedding gift for an Indian couple in 2022

Gifts that are cherished for a lifetime are often also the ones that reflect that the gift-giver has been paying attention to the little things and minor details.🤏

These seemingly irrelevant details are what make your gifts so special. They are little slices of the present wrapped in memories and tied together with the ribbon of imagination. These immensely thoughtful gifts go excellently with immensely special events like weddings, birthdays, retirement and other monumental achievements.😍

Through the caricature story videos that we create at Fat Rabbit Production Bangalore - We curate personalized gifts, animated videos tailored to narrate the stories of your life. We aim to raise a toast to the good times, even push the boundaries of science and sneak you into the past.

Best wedding gift in bangalore

This couple's emotions right after their love story video which was played at their wedding were priceless and it got very emotional. The best gift for a wedding couple in 2022 is the one that leaves a pleasant impact on them.

Good wedding gift for Indian couple in 2022

Fat Rabbit Specials makes for a permanent, exclusive gifting experience that celebrates your unique experiences, highlights your thoughtfulness, and gives you significant social-media-flex potential. Is someone special getting married? How about a wedding animation video portraying their journey till this moment?

Best unique wedding gift in Bangalore

Birthday of a friend?

What better than a personalized animated video just to tell your story of friendships and adventure?

Or a grand celebration of your parent’s anniversary?

We got you covered for all !

Hand me the AUX Cord

In the road-trip of life, the decision to let someone else play the music is not one which should be made without careful consideration. Similar to how you would think a while before letting someone else be in charge of narrating your own lived experiences.

We, at Fat Rabbit, are, before all, a team of passionate storytellers. Motivated by the spirit of translating life's biggest adventures to film. Our goal is finding the extraordinary in what seems to be the ordinary, and capturing the essence of life through Fat Rabbit Specials. Armed with a knack for curating a road-trip playlist, we celebrate your life's most precious moments - while adding a creative spin to your story.

Best gift for your loved one in Bangalore

So hand over the AUX to us and we’ll make sure your stories are told with the background music that they deserve.

We understand how gifting unique, thoughtful gifts is like drawing a map to a particular memory. Helping the receiver find a way back to the joy and euphoria felt during that moment. Through our films, we help you navigate the streets of nostalgia, making sure to pick the most scenic route.

But don't just take our word for it. Grab a bowl of your nearest snack and enjoy our work:


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